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ArqueDerma in Newport Beach


Our practice now offers ArqueDerma. Newport Beach residents will love this new style of dermal filler injectables, which uses the patient’s own plasma. Once the practitioner collects the patient’s plasma, she redistributes it into any areas that are lacking volume. This will stimulate collagen production. ArqueDerma has revolutionized the use of fillers, creating results that were previously unheard of and last up to 40% longer than their counterparts on the market. This technique provides more natural, dramatic results that cannot be achieved using conventional filler techniques.

Unlike other methods of this kind, ArqueDerma employs dermal fillers to redirect and relocate your tissue, which effectively produces a lifted look without surgery. Sandi McGraw, R.N., uses this technique to redistribute facial volume, erasing age signs and replacing them with smooth, youthful skin. By properly utilizing the dermal filler, she uses less of the product, which makes ArqueDerma an economical choice.

In order to become a licensed ArqueDerma practitioner, Sandi McGraw completed an intense training through InjectAbility Institute. As a qualified licensed practitioner, Sandi is highly trained to carry out this patented technique to reveal your natural beauty.

Call today for your complimentary consultation at (949) 759-5539. For more information on ArqueDerma, Newport Beach residents can contact our office.

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