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Neck Lift

Newport Beach Neck Lift Surgery

For residents of Newport Beach, neck lift surgery could be just what you need to regain a more youthful look. A wide variety of information is available to you before you even speak to a medical professional. The effects of aging on the human body can be manifold, often resulting in excess skin or weight gain in a number of unusual areas that are difficult to maintain through exercise and dieting. Fortunately, modern plastic surgery techniques allow us to access these areas to change them to the patient’s desire. One of these areas is the skin and muscles of the neck; a neck lift, or cervicoplasty (sometimes referred to as a platysmaplasty), is a procedure that can counteract the effects of aging and weight gain in this region.

A neck lift can also be performed simultaneously with other procedures, such as a facelift, if you are having trouble with similar areas. However it should be noted that, as with any other plastic surgery procedure, the ideal patient is healthy and in good shape with their weight under control. This is necessary for a successful operation and recovery.

About Our Newport Beach Neck Lift Procedure

Interested individuals should be aware of the possible techniques before agreeing to undergo surgery in Newport Beach. Neck lift surgery begins with either local or general anesthesia. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon begins with a small incision under the chin. Occasionally, there will also be incisions in certain areas around the ears. Each patient is different, but the surgeon may also tighten neck muscles, use liposuction to extract fat or remove loose skin.

The surgeon will then replace the skin over the neck, possibly choosing to remove more of the excess skin to result in a more trim appearance. The incisions are then closed with sutures, and a drain may be installed for the first few days of recovery in order to aid with any post-operative swelling and discomfort. A compression bandage may also be utilized to aid in your recovery.

Recovery from Surgery

As with any other plastic surgery procedure, the recovery time for a neck lift varies, but it usually takes about a week to fully recover. During this time, patients should avoid moving the neck and other nearby muscles. Bed rest is highly advised, and it is a good idea to have someone with you during your week of recovery to help you with certain tasks that you cannot perform.

When you come in for a consultation, we will consider your specific body type, needs, and concerns before choosing the right options for your results. Fill out our online form here to request a free consultation at our office in Newport Beach. Neck lift patients can also call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Milind K. Ambe at (949) 759-5539.