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Lynne Curtin Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ambe and Newport Beach Plastic Surgery

Lynne Curtin - Real Housewife, "Natural" Beauty

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Lynne Curtin made national press last year when she and her 18-year old daughter, Raquel had "mother-daughter" plastic surgery with Dr. Milind Ambe.

Bravo TV fans know Lynne as the O.C. Housewife with teenagers and money troubles. But this brave, beautiful, 50+ entrepreneur also underwent plastic surgery for a facelift last July and allowed cameras to film her consultation, on the day of surgery, and post-operative visits (even removing bandages) with Dr. Ambe.

Television is eye-opener for Lynne Curtin

Lynne Curtin is known as a fitness fanatic. She runs and keeps herself in tip-top shape, but had always thought that her face didn't match her youthful body. Sun, pregnancies, gravity and time are not always kind to women.

"You don't realize, you know, until you see yourself on high-definition television what you really look like. I kept saying to myself, is that how I really look? I was shocked" said Lynne.

About three years ago Lynne started to notice some looseness in her neck and face. She would sit in the mirror and pull one side of her face and ask her daughters if she looked better. She did her research and even consulted some very high priced Beverly Hills and Los Angeles surgeons, but wasn't comfortable with the doctors.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

Lynne had heard about Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Ambe from friends who were thrilled with his work and knew his wife Heidi from social events around town. Fellow O.C. housewife, Tamra Barney had breast augmentation revision surgery with Dr. Ambe and highly recommended him. Tamra's mom, Sandra Baker had a facelift with Dr. Ambe the previous year and Lynne was impressed with the results.

"Tamra's mom looked great on the show, and then when I met her in person, she looked so wonderful, so natural. That's what I wanted. I'm the mom of two teenagers, I don't want to look 21, and I didn't want my face to be so tight that it didn't move. That natural look was very important to me," said Lynne.

Lynne met with Dr. Ambe and was instantly at ease. She had heard a lot of good things about him and felt a real personal connection when she met him. Lynne Curtin felt that Dr. Ambe understood her goals for surgery. He told Lynne that after surgery she would probably look 10-12 years younger than her actual age.

Lynne had done her research and knew that Dr. Ambe was board certified in plastic surgery and that his Newport Surgical Center was state of the art. Lynne Curtin felt she had found a doctor she could trust. After all, this wasn't just for her. Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Ambe would also be performing her daughter Raquel's rhinoplasty surgery.

A Great Experience

Lynne also believes that Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Ambe's office and surgical center staff contribute to the overall positive experience. They were always so warm, helpful and professional. It made Lynne feel so much less anxious.

As for allowing cameras to record the experience, Lynne Curtin feels that she had nothing to hide and believes that most women would jump at the chance to have a facelift if the opportunity presented itself. She knew that women could relate to her feelings and the experience.

After Lynne Curtin and Raquel had their procedures with Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Ambe they recuperated at home together.

"Our recovery was a real bonding experience. Teenagers are always on the run, but we were both home on the couch, watching movies together. It was nice that we could go through this together. I enjoyed it, some real mother daughter time," said Lynne.

Lynne was fearful about her recovery. She had seen women who had facelift surgery and was afraid that she would be bruised and take a long time to heal, but she was pleasantly surprised. Just ten days after surgery Lynne was on a plane to Florida with the other O.C. Housewives filming and partying. She thinks she really could have gone out of the house after five days because there was no bruising and just a little swelling.

Enjoying the Results

Looking back, Lynne is so pleased she decided to have a facelift and knows that Dr. Ambe was the right plastic surgeon. He gave her the "natural look" she wanted and said that she thinks she looks better than ever.

"Dr. Ambe promised me I'd look 10 years younger and he did even better than that. I've had lots of people tell me I look 36 or 37. Younger women tell me they think I'm their age. They're shocked when I tell them I'm much older."

Lynne Curtin loves her new look. What's her favorite thing since she's had the surgery?

"Honestly, I don't have to wear makeup. I can get up and go to the gym and just put on a little lipstick. It's fantastic. My skin looks great," said Lynne.

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