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Newport Beach Brow Lift

Forehead Lift

For Orange County brow lift patients, Endoscopic techniques allow us to use very small incisions, which ultimately limits the scarring and make recovery much easier.

This is a procedure that I use very often in conjunction with a facelift or cosmetic eyelid surgery. The subtle arching of the outer third of the eyebrow is the key to achieving a fabulous, yet fairly soft result.

There are so many options with respect to eyelid surgery or brow lift. Orange County surgeons should be able to very clearly explain the different options and be able to distinguish what a brow lift will achieve for you compared to what cosmetic eyelid surgery will achieve for you. There are definite differences between these procedures so it is important to do your research and ask plenty of questions before your procedure.

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About Brow Lifts

You may be a good candidate for a forehead lift if you have developed furrows or deep creases in your forehead. Sagging eyebrows can also be corrected with a Newport Beach brow lift. The aging process and gravity can result in noticeable sagging, but a forehead lift can help you rejuvenate your facial features in and restore a youthful appearance. The eyebrows are raised during this procedure, as your surgeon removes the sagging muscle tissue from the area.

There are different ways that your doctor can perform the Newport Beach brow lift. An actual incision can be made, or your surgeon can use an endoscope, which reduces the chance of large incisions. Whichever operation you choose, the result will be an improved physical appearance.

Brow Lift Surgery - What to expect

It is always best to discuss your personal goals with your surgeon, so the right procedure can be implemented in order to yield the desired results. Before undergoing either the classic lift or the endoscopic lift, you should take the time to fully understand what each method entails.

The Classic Forehead Lift

In Newport Beach, brow lift patients who are bothered with signs of aging like expression lines around the eye can achieve a rejuvenated look. This procedure can minimize creases on the forehead while repairing the appearance of sagging brows.

The most common surgical approach for this procedure involves an ear-to-ear incision along the top of the head. Typically, this incision will produce limited scarring since it is made behind the patient’s hairline. However, if you are balding, mid-scalp incisions are recommended. This will help avoid visible scars because these types of incisions follow the skull’s natural pattern and are less noticeable.

Your Newport Beach brow lift surgeon will then lift the skin to remove the forehead muscle tissue. The tightening of tissue, lifting of the eyebrows, and the removal of extra skin results in an enhanced, more youthful look.

After the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will take measures to ensure your recovery and prevent infection. Your face and hair will undergo a thorough washing and may be wrapped in gauze.

The Endoscopic Forehead Lift

This procedure also involves an incision on the patient’s scalp; however, the endoscopic lift does not produce one continuous line of incision. Instead, the endoscope lacerates small lines less than inch long so that the lift can be carried out. This technique allows the surgeon to see and remove the muscle tissues under the skin and generates less risk for visible scarring behind the hairline. After this procedure, the surgeon will wash and wrap the sutured area to avoid any infection.

Recovering From Brow Lift Surgery

The recovery process can vary depending on which procedure the patient undertakes. For classic forehead lift patients, many side effects can result after the operation. Discomfort, numbness, mild hair loss, or itchiness along the incision line can affect the patient for several weeks or months after the surgery. Because swelling may result, your doctor might instruct you to elevate your head initially after the operation. You can expect your surgeon to unwrap any bandages after a few days and take out your sutures in two weeks. Hair around the incision line may thin or fall out; however, full hair loss is very rare.

For endoscopic forehead lift patients, recovery usually occurs within a few weeks considering this technique is minimally invasive. However, patients can feel some numbness and swelling. The itching stage, when nerves are repairing, is not as intense in endoscopic patients as is in classic Newport Beach brow lift patients.

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