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Orange County Breast Lift

What to Expect from Surgery

Breast lifts are wonderful procedures for women who, in many cases, have had children, nursed, and not only have lost volume, but have also developed a significant amount of sagging of their breasts.

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The confusing issue about breast lifts to many women is that there are many different surgical options.

orange county breast lift before and after photororange county breast lift before and after photoThese options depend on how much volume has been lost and how much sagging (ptosis) has developed. Your surgeon should be able to very clearly explain why one option is better than another one for your particular anatomy. In many cases, a small breast augmentation can be performed at the same time to restore fullness in the upper part of the breast. You should not be intimidated by the additional scars that can result from certain kinds of lifts. If the surgeon uses the appropriate technique for you and utilizes a very specific postoperative "scar prevention protocol", the scarring should be negligible. I can honestly say that nearly every Orange County breast lift patient that I perform this procedure on is so pleased with their new shape of their breasts that they simply do not find the scars to be an issue.

About the Procedures

There are many things that can affect the firmness and shape of a woman's breasts. Such factors include gravity, nursing, and pregnancy, all of which can take a toll on the elasticity of the skin surrounding the breast. A breast lift procedure, otherwise known as a mastopexy, can raise sagging breasts and even reshape them for an indefinite period of time. An Orange County breast lift can also decrease the size of the area of the darker colored skin around the nipple. This procedure can also be used in conjunction with breast implant insertion, which can increase the size and firmness of breasts that have lost volume.

Every surgery depends on individual circumstances, so all of your questions many not be answered. A doctor should be able to answer any further questions about the procedure, so don't hesitate to ask.

What to Expect

A Mastopexy can take anywhere between one and a half and three and half hours. An anchor-shaped incision, which tends to be the most common method although there are a variety of techniques, is made along the contour of the breast.

This incision will determine the new location for the nipple and outlines the area on the breast from which skin will be removed. The areola and the nipple are thus moved to a higher position after the surgeon removes excess skin. In order to reshape the breast, the surgeon then brings the skin around the areola together. Generally, the stitches are placed in a vertical shape around the areola, and then extend down along the breast's lower crease.

orange county breast lift before and after photoMany Orange County breast lift patients have been candidates for some modified procedures that require incisions are less extensive. This tends to be true for those with minimal sagging or relatively small breasts. The "doughnut mastopexy" or "concentric mastopexy" is one of these modified procedures that is available. The surgeon removes a concentric-area of skin after making circular incisions around the areola.

An implant can be inserted during this procedure, at which point the surgeon will place it inside of a pocket that exists under the muscle of the chest wall, just under the breast tissue or deeper.


After the surgery, your breasts will likely feel swollen, uncomfortable, and bruised for a few days, however this pain should not be severe. You will also be wearing a surgical bra or an elastic bandage over the gauze dressings. Your surgeon will prescribe certain medications for you as well, in order to help relieve any discomfort you'll feel as you heal.

A soft support bra can replace the surgical bra or bandages after a couple of days. For three to four weeks, you will need to wear this bra constantly over a layer of gauze. Also, your doctor will recommend removing the stitches after a week or two.

You will be allowed to apply moisturizer to your breast area several times a day if you feel that it is dry after the surgery. Be aware that you should avoid contacting the skin around the suture areas.

You may lose some feeling on your breast skin and in your nipples, which tends to be caused by the swelling that follows surgery. This is expected, and the numbness will fade away over the course of six weeks. There are exceptions however, as some patients report feeling numb for longer.

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