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Cosmetic Surgery Orange County

Read Patient Stories and Testimonials of Breast Augmentation Surgery


What better way to learn more about plastic surgery in Orange County with Dr. Milind Ambe than to hear the stories of women who have trusted him to help them achieve their cosmetic goals?

These patient stories provide an in-depth look at a few of the many satisfied patients Dr. Ambe has treated over the years. To get viewpoints from even more people who have chosen Dr. Ambe, read testimonials from past patients.

Remember that these stories are personal experiences and not meant to guarantee your results. Dr. Ambe hopes the stories will help you get a better sense of the surgical skill and personal care he provides. When you are ready to take the next step, request a consultation with Dr. Ambe at his office in Newport Beach.

Real Daughter of a Real Housewife

Raquel Curtin was seen on Bravo TV's show "Real Housewives of Orange County" undergoing rhinoplasty as her mother underwent a facelift. Find out more about how this posh princess feels about how she looks.

Read Raquel's Rhinoplasty Story

Real Housewife, "Natural" Beauty

Bravo TV fans know Lynne as the O.C. Housewife with teenagers and money troubles. But this brave, beautiful, 50+ entrepreneur also underwent plastic surgery for a facelift last July and allowed cameras to film her consultation, on the day of surgery, and post-operative visits (even removing bandages) with Dr. Ambe.

Read Lynne's Facelift Story

Real Housewife, Real Story

Tamra recently was featured in the Bravo TV show "Real Housewives of Orange County." The show highlighted some parts of her experience with Dr. Ambe as she considered breast implant revision surgery, but many people wondered how her surgery turned out. When you read Tamra's story, you can hear more about her Orange County plastic surgery experience and learn about how Tamra is using her moment in the spotlight to encourage women to think hard about their plastic surgery decisions so they can enjoy their look for the long term.

Read Tamra's Breast Augmentation Revision Story

Fourth Time's a Charm

Most women who choose Orange County breast augmentation are happy with their results. But not everyone is so fortunate, and for those women who face complications or otherwise are not satisfied with the results they achieved from another surgeon, there's help. After 3 previous breast surgeries to augment her breasts and attempt to reverse the effects of capsular contracture, Darlene turned to Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Ambe. His breast augmentation expertise helped Darlene create attractive-looking breasts that felt more comfortable and natural – a result she had been waiting for almost 20 years.

Read Darlene's Breast Augmentation Revision Story

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