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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The Latest Innovation in Injectables

Newport Beach Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP is an in-office anti-aging treatment designed to activate collagen production and reduce wrinkles. Platelets are the body’s natural resources that speed tissue healing, decrease inflammation and pain, and increase connective tissue, bone density and the production of new blood cells. PRP injections are used in Newport Beach and Orange County clinics that offer wrinkle reduction, anti-aging procedures, and other cosmetic enhancements. Many patients with crow’s feet, smile lines, or forehead wrinkles find their skin becomes significantly smoother with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections.

PRP injections take advantage of the natural therapeutic effects that platelets have on the body. Platelets, which are found in blood plasma, work to increase blood flow to an injured part of the body, pumping up collagen production in that area. Platelets can do the same for your skin through this amazing treatment. As you age, your skin is bound to lose elasticity due to reduced collagen production. Increasing the collagen production in your skin with platelets can erase and prevent lines and wrinkles.

The best part about this treatment is that it uses your own cells to do the work. For patients in Newport Beach, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy begins with a blood sample, which is then spun in a centrifuge machine, separating the plasma from the blood. Your own plasma is then injected into problem areas of your face. The process generally includes three to six sessions, with four weeks in between each treatment.

PRP injections couldn’t be safer, as they use the patient’s own cells to do the work. With zero preservatives and no chance of rejection, the only risk is slight bruising. This side effect varies per individual, but no matter the presence of bruising, there is still no downtime required for patients in Newport Beach. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is pain-free, making it the perfect option for sensitive patients.

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PRP treatmentPRP treatment



"I saw the results right away. My skin is tight for the first time in years. The pain was not bad at all! Sandi did an amazing job and I would highly recommend this procedure to everyone. I’m so excited about my appearance now." -MD

"I have been a patient of Sandi’s for the last fifteen years. She is so professional and accomplished, so caring, and so good with a needle. When she suggested this new plasma treatment I readily consented! The treatment was very easy and the results are immediate. I can’t wait to see the improvement over time and I look forward to future treatments." -KS

"I have recieved two treatments of platelet rich plasma at Dr. Ambe's office. The areas around my mouth and eyes that were injected look a lot better. The fine lines in my crows feet area are all most gone and the deeper lines from the corner of my nose to my mouth are much smoother and continuing to improve week by week. I would recommend using plasma to people that are looking for a non-surgical refresher." -L.N.

"Sandi used PRP injection on me and within 2 days. My acne breakout on my jawline had cleared. My laugh lines were minimized and my lower lip line looked more defined." -J.N.

"It's totally worth it. I'm so glad I'm doing it for myself. Sometimes I seem to do for others and not myself! This is a real treat." -Pam

"I am thrilled with my results and continue to see improvement. I am especially pleased with how my 'trouble areas' have smoothed out and disappeared." -M.P.

Platelet Rich Plasma TreatmentPlatelet Rich Plasma
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